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My First Laptop

Published on April 21, 2010 by in Uncategorized

My MacBook

Like first love, you don’t get anything like your first laptop.

I got my first laptop a MacBook. I am so excited. Honestly, I didn’t initially intend on getting a MacBook because its too costly. but later I realize that spending that much of money is really worth.

It’s quite a beautiful piece of equipment, but I’m not just looking for a beautiful notebook, one factor that I value most from a notebook is durability. Because I plan to use the machine as my main computer where I do my programming with Java, Android and other activity.

Usually beauty and durability does not came along together but apple made it. apple combine such characters into the macbook and with the OS X easy to use and stability (good performance too).

I love my MacBook! The multi-touch trackpad and battery life are AMAZING!
here are some Pros and Cons

-Multi-Touch Trackpad
-Magnetic Power Connector
-13.3 inch Gorgeous Screen
-Easy to Fast-type Keyboard
-7 Hour Battery Life
-2.26GHz Processor! (Super fast!)
-It is just amazing

-No SD card slot (not a big deal AT ALL)

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  1. Bhagyashree

    Nice to read about your MacBook. :)

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